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Ford 1998-2008 Amplifier Intergration Plug Set

Install a new car radio faster with this amplifier integration wiring harness, allowing you to retain your vehicle's factory amplifier. On one side, the wiring harness is color-coded with wires that you'll connect or solder into the aftermarket radio/receiver. The other side has a vehicle-specific adapter that connects directly into the original radio connectors for a quicker installation without having to cut each of the wires.

Keep in mind that you may need additional parts to complete your installation, including a dash kit, antenna adapter, and, depending on your vehicle, a special interface adapter to retain audio controls on your steering wheel or other important vehicle functions like navigation, video, and more. Look up your vehicle for more information.

  • Amplifier integration wiring harness for fast and easy radio installation
  • Plugs into the car's original radio connectors on one side
  • Retains factory amplifier
  • Includes 16-pin and 8-pin connectors with RCAs
  • No wire cutting needed for factory radio connectors


Metra 70-5519 wire harness

Metra 70-5519

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