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An all-in-one radio replacement and SWC interface, the innovative RadioPRO4 comes pre-loaded with amplifier retention and SWC software, navigation based output signals, and other features that save time and money during installation.

  • Retains steering wheel controls (pre-programmed)
  • Data controlled accessory and navigation outputs 
  • Retains factory amplifier
  • Factory RSE activation
  • 12V ACC output (RAP)
  • Vehicle Speed Sense (VSS)
  • Illumination
  • Reverse trigger
  • Parking brake output
  • Does not retain uConnect
  • Does not retain blind spot detection system
  • CHYRVD harness required to retain factory reverse camera and VES. Please check the vehicle compatibility of the CHYRVD here
  • In Premium Amplified Systems only two input channels can be used from the aftermarket radio, therefore there will be no fading capability of the aftermarket stereo

Pac RP4-CH11


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