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RMS @14.4v

4ohms 1000W x 1ch

2ohms 2000W x 1ch

1ohms 4000W x 1ch

RMS @12V

4ohms 580W x 1ch

2ohms 1150W x 1ch

1ohms 2150W x 1ch

Signal to noise ratio >90dB

LPF 30hz~250hz

Subsonic Filter 10hz~60hz

Bass Boost 0~12dB

Bass Boos Frequency 30hz~90hz

Phase shift control 0~180

T.H.D Continuous @4ohm, 100hz  <.15%

Efficiency @4ohm, 100hz  90%

Input Sensitvity  Min 6V ~ Max 200mv (+/- 5%)

Operating Voltage DV 10V~16V

Recommended External Fuse Rating 250A (linked 500A)



Tezla Audio TZ4KD


Tezla Audio offers a Easy 30 day return policy and 1 year limited manufacturer warranty directly through Tezla Audio. You can see more information on warranty policies at the refund/warranty policy page

Tezla Audio TZ4KD

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