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SMD DCL 4.2 (Direct Connect Leads)


The DCL 4.2 is the perfect solution for your high power handling, direct lead sub-woofers. With permanent methods of attaching these wires, you are left with no choice but to cut them every time you need to take them out of your box. They will only get shorter and shorter over time until there is nothing less. With the DCL (Direct Connect Lead) 4.2, you just mount it to the inside of the box, add ring terminals to your voice coil wires, attach to the 4.2 and never cut them again! With the supplied jumper bar, you can very easily choose parallel or series configuration! If sub-woofers ever need to be removed for any reason, all you have to do is disconnect them and take them out! No more cutting! A clear acrylic lid will help keep anything from touching them and will also look great if your box has a clear window in it!


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