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Tezla Audio TZ800.1 Professional Series Amplifier

MONO Class D Amplifier

800 Watts RMS @ 1ohm

500 Watts RMS @ 2ohm

300 Watts RMS @ 4ohm

  • International Rectifier Class D Topology Amplifier
  • Surface Mount Component Technology
  • AUdio Percision Quality Control Verification
  • Stable and REliable Four Layers PCB Trace layout
  • Power, Protect, and Clipping LED Light Status Indicator
  • Short circuit, thermal, DC offset, overload and voltage protection
  • Bass Knob Controller
  • Robust Cooling Fan Built In
  • High Density and Heavy Duty Heatsink
  • Tiffany RCA Jack and Replacable Top Panels Both Black and Green


Tezla Audio TZ800.1




Tezla Audio offers a Easy 30 day return policy and 1 year limited manufacturer warranty directly through Tezla Audio. You can see more information on warranty policies at the refund/warranty policy page

Tezla Audio TZ800.1

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