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Steven Dunkin's NEW BUILD for 2020 | 7 PSI platform 5 15's on 7 sundown scv 7500's I think im going to start a tradition on making the 1st video of the year dedicated to Steven Dunkin. Had a great opportunity to go to CES 2020 with him and it was by far one of the most solid shows ive seen in a while Dunkin has transformed this gmc seirra multiple times and now i think he is finished with 3 ces 370 alternators, 6 sundown audio sfb 3000 amps for his mids and highs which are still the original MCclaren mids and tweets. 6 80 amp hour CES lithium batteries totaling 400 amp hours or reserve. 7 sundown audio scv 7500 amplifiers and 7 psi platform 5 15's

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